Price List

MUUC aims to make scuba diving affordable and accessible to both students and non-students. As a non-profit organisation, our pricing is designed to help cover the cost of maintaining and replacing our equipment. We are proud to offer some of the lowest cost diving in Melbourne!

- Students (MU)$40 /yr
- Non MU Students$96 /yr
- Non Students$130 /yr
Weekly Gear Hire(Thursday to Thursday)
- Scuba Unit (BCD + Reg + Tank)$20
- Wetsuit$20
- Weight and Belt$15
- Tank with Air$10
- Additional Tank$5
Annual Gear Hire(1st March to 28th February. No pro rata)
- Full gear (All gear and 1 Tank)$500
- Scuba Unit (BCD + 1 Tank + Reg)$250
- 1 Tank + weights$250
- 1 Tank$100
- Air Fills$40
- Boat Dives$25 first dive of day
$15 subsequent dives on same day
- Air Fills$5 (when using club compressor)

More information:

  • Members can collect gear from a committee member at the MUUC shed every Thursday night between 7 – 8pm.
  • A refundable gear hire bond of $50 is payable by all members prior to hiring gear
  • You must present your membership card to hire gear.
    No Card = No Gear
  • Gear hire is capped at $40 per week.
  • Club gear can only be used for club dives (ie advertised on the forum and approved by the safety officer)
  • Gear must be returned each week or an extra week hire fee applies, even if you have annual gear
  • Sorry we don’t hire booties or gloves