CDAA – Deep Cavern


If you want to expand your skills into Technical Diving then the Deep Cavern Course with the CDAA (Cave Divers Association of Australia) is a challenging yet very rewarding course. You will practise the skills and knowledge necessary to safely dive in Cavern and Sinkhole rated sites.


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Please contact the course co-ordinator for the latest information on course cost and dates.


  • Hold an Advanced Open Water level recreational SCUBA diver award or equivalent and be qualified as an Open Water diver for a minimum of 12 months.
  • Have logged a minimum of 25 dives (post Advanced Open Water level) totalling a minimum of 20 hours, including at least two night dives and five dives deeper than 25 metres.
  • Be a minimum of 18 years old.
  • Successfully complete a diving medical statement. If any contraindications are flagged then a full diving medical examination will be required.

You will use a different configuration of equipment on the Deep Cavern Course than you may be used to. The minimum requirements are listed below and it is recommended you are familiar with these before the course (eg twin tanks and if you are using a drysuit)

  1. Suitable exposure suit (for <10 degrees water)
  2. Mask and fins (straps taped or replaced with velcro/spring heels respectively)
  3. Small sharp cutting device
  4. Watch or bottom timer or computer (preferably on wrist)
  5. Depth gauge or computer
  6. BCD or Wing/Backplate/Harness
  7. Twin cylinders combined minimum capacity of 2200 litres
  8. Two regulator first stages each with one second stage attached, one of which has a hose that is at least 2 metres in length
  9. One primary and two back up lights
  10. Submersible decompression tables
  11. Wetnotes or pencil and slate
  12. Two submersible pressure gauges (SPG) if using a twin independent system (only 1 required if using an isolation manifold)
  13. Primary reel with a minimum of 100m of line (may be supplied by instructor)

Whats included

  • Skills training includes reel use, line placement techniques, reel locking and abandonment, blackout line following, air sharing while following a line, buoyancy and anti-silting techniques, communications, emergency management, S drills, flow checks, full valve shutdowns.
  • All course training materials
  • One confined water dive in pool or cavern 2-3 hours
  • Six training and site dives in CDAA rated Caverns and Sinkholes.

Whats NOT included

  • Gear hire fees (where required)
  • Transport to dive sites (Mount Gambier)
  • Accommodation

How to Enrol

Contact our course coordinators for further information and how to enrol. You can also visit the CDAA website you can find more details about the courses  and dive sites available to CDAA members.